Buying Bitcoin: How And Where To Buy 2022

By Mike Reiss- Dec 01, 2022 392

Is it really possible to buy Bitcoins, sell them, in short, do good business with them? If the world's most famous cryptocurrency still enjoys so much success, the answer may simply be yes.


This does not mean that it is easy or clear. In order to gain knowledge about these fascinating resources and the currently available trading methods, it is necessary to know how to do it. Only in this way "buying bitcoin" will be equivalent to "income".


This guide is designed to confuse Bitcoin and offer some useful information for those who want to convert to a cryptocurrency profit.


We will talk about Bitcoin in general, its underlying process, and the possibility of making it available to brokers and platforms. We will also mention some players who can help traders of all ranks and ranks.


How to buy Bitcoin: introduction

The goal of many is to buy Bitcoin, or rather to trade profitably, perhaps because of the success that it has enjoyed and is undoubtedly attracted to. On the other hand, it is not only the most famous cryptocurrency but also the first to win the limelight. Even today, despite a constantly evolving offer and the ability to express very different assets, it serves as a benchmark for all (or almost) digital currencies.


Those who are preparing to trade with Bitcoin must consider one aspect: it is not an asset like others. This is not technically so, it refers to a fairly new dynamic (at least at the time of debut). It is not in terms of trading but in terms of price movements that characterize it, unrelated to even the most chaotic equity due to volatility.


Therefore, the advice is to get information, own Bitcoin, and know its dynamics in depth.


Bitcoin in short: what it is and how it works

What Bitcoin is quite difficult to summarize in a few lines? Because it is much more than the dynamics that point to technology and its value. An abstract, not exactly at the material level, can be defined as a kind of pioneer, the first indicator of a new and innovative resource class, which illustrates a different way of understanding meaning.


Some already consider it a means of payment, although it is still rarely used in this capacity. On the other hand, it is plagued by strong volatility, the number of exercises that allow you to "pay in Bitcoin", which is still in short supply.


Of course, Bitcoin is an investment asset. Its price movement shows extreme volatility but there are many opportunities for profit. Some compare it to equity because of the price trend.


That profile is determined by the technology behind Bitcoin, which is special. First, it is a decentralized currency. There is no one who can control the offer in isolation, which can cure market distortion. Everything is in the hands of bargaining. Let me be clear, the supply containment process exists, but they are precisely automated. References me and a half.


Mining is the process by which the code on the back of each bitcoin is extracted so that it can enter the market. To "trash" Bitcoin, lots and lots of powerful computing capabilities are needed.


On the other hand, halving the number of "extractable" bitcoins occurs periodically. This is a way to gradually reduce the offer.


What does it mean to buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin means owning the most important digital asset in the world of cryptocurrency. It is about the ownership of a decentralized digital currency that operates through mining nodes in a network called a blockchain. Bitcoin Currency was the first to use a standard transmission protocol, an innovative and innovative design that did not exist until 2009.


Where to Buy Bitcoin?

So let's be brief. Where to buy Bitcoin? How to invest and earn it? In this regard, the two most important approaches should be mentioned, which have given rise to different ways of conducting business activities.


      Buy and sell directly through the exchange platform.

      Use of derivative products through brokers.


Which of the two methods should be considered more? As usual, it depends. Those who want to hold Bitcoin in the long run or create a cryptocurrency wallet (wallet) can choose the exchange. However, those who view cryptocurrencies as speculative instruments and thus want to profit from them should consider derivative products.


The reason is simple: they are faster, less expensive, and still allow you to take advantage of price movements. The most widely used derivative products, and basically only in the hands of cryptocurrency traders, are CFDs and contracts for differences.


CFDs are produced over the counter, so technically outside the institutional circuit. However, they are safe, because the companies that issue them are safe: brokers. It should be remembered that, in fact, for brokers to operate - at least in Europe - they must be subject to strict regulations.


Below, we present some of the best brokers that allow you to trade with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.


Buy Bitcoin with eToro

eToro is one of the big names in the broker landscape. It has gained an everlasting reputation for copy trading, an innovative service that allows one user to literally copy another user's business. It’s not easy for analytics activity to go from market to market and is necessary to identify the “winning horse”, but the service is attractive, innovative, and potentially profitable.


You can also consult our guide on how to buy Bitcoin with eToro.


For the rest, we are facing an excellent broker. The offer is rich and offers mainly CFDs, obviously including Bitcoin. The price policy is soft, as evidenced by the void of commissions, which are replaced by low and variable spreads based on asset characteristics.


Buying Bitcoin with Plus500

Plus500 is probably the best-known broker in the world. Its reputation is justified by its quality of service, which is truly excellent. The offer, which is really rich and varied, though made with CFD only, is amazing. There is no asset class that is not represented, there is no method that is not satisfied.


Plus500's costs are low, just like eToro. Here too we find the void of commission and the presence of variable and diminished spreads. The lowest initial deposit, then, is more than affordable. In the background, a technological infrastructure capable of designing a comfortable environment for traders.


Buying Bitcoin with is another very popular broker. It is made up of sophisticated, varied, and rich offers as well as exclusively CFD. has some specialties. First, the offer of the account is very important and fits the characteristics of the merchant, who has the feeling that it is sewn on him.


After all, offers the lowest initial minimum deposit in the market. It only takes 10 dollars to start trading! In the background, a method of trading costs that is consistent though: commissions are zero, "normal" spreads in their place, which is very low.


How to buy Bitcoin? - Conclusion

With this guide on how to buy Bitcoin, you will be able to invest in the most relevant cryptocurrency on the market, especially due to its popularity as one of the strongest in recent years. Remember that you should choose to manage trading platforms that can give you confidence so that you do not fall into scams.


So we suggest you work for the countless benefits of a broker like eToro. You can use other brokers with great international experience and just as safe to work with digital currency, it can be tailored to your needs. Be sure to do your own research before you start investing in Bitcoin.