Is Cryptocurrency Profitable? Explanation Of The Crypto Mechanism With Advantages!

By Mike Reiss- Nov 18, 2022 16

Cryptocurrencies that emerged in 2009 are attracting worldwide attention as new investment targets. Many are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies. However, there should be some people who think "is it really profitable?" Or "I'm afraid of something." 

So, this time, we will explain whether the virtual currency is really profitable. We will also explain the profitable process and precautions, so please see the next one.


Is Cryptocurrency Really Profitable?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have been gaining traction as a new investment target. In fact, some people have made huge fortunes with cryptocurrency. So what exactly is a virtual currency? We will outline the virtual currency and explain the possibility of profit.


What is virtual currency?

A virtual currency is a currency on the Internet that is established by the beliefs of many people. It was based on a 2009 research paper by Satoshi Nakamoto, an anonymous scholar.


Usually, when the country changes, the currency also changes, so you need to change the currency you have. But with cryptocurrency, this is not necessary.


Cryptocurrencies have attracted a lot of attention in recent years because they can be used as a universal currency.


Probability of making money with virtual currency

It is not possible to give a definite number as the probability of profit with virtual currency. The probability varies depending on the current situation approach. There are ways to make money, of course, but it requires experience and knowledge, which can be difficult for beginners.


Compared to investments like stocks and FX, the range of price fluctuations is larger, so it can be said that it is easier to make a profit if it increases.


Where can I buy virtual currency?

As a method of buying virtual currency, there is a method of using a virtual currency exchange / virtual currency sale office. A cryptocurrency exchange is a service that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies with each other.


Virtual Currency Sales Office is a service that allows you to purchase virtual currency from operators. The image is that you are buying a product in a store. There are advantages to being able to purchase virtual currency faster than a virtual currency exchange.


How is virtual currency profitable?

There are many ways to earn money through virtual currency and each has its own unique characteristics. In this chapter, we will explain how cryptocurrency is profitable. Try the method you think you can.


Leverage / FX trading

Leverage and Forex trading is a method of making money in virtual currency. With Forex, you can leverage, so you can make a lot of money.


If you use it with Forex and double it, your profit will be doubled. However, please note that the amount of damage will be doubled.


Leveraged trading in Forex carries a high risk and high returns, so it is recommended that newcomers not touch it unnecessarily.


In-kind trading

The most basic way to make a profit from virtual currency is through physical transactions. It is also recommended for beginners. In-kind trading is a method of trading when the value of the virtual currency you have increases and you make a difference.


In-kind transactions can often be started from a small amount and you can also trade from your smartphone. So if you are interested in cryptocurrency, it is better to start from here.



Mining is a method of obtaining a new virtual currency as a reward by assisting in the calculations required to trade the virtual currency.


For virtual currency transactions, we use a "blockchain" that records past transactions. "Blockchain" updates are called "minor".


Cryptocurrency will be given to those who first update this "blockchain". Excavation is gaining traction as a new business.


Staking reward

Stacking is the process of acquiring a new virtual currency by retaining a specific virtual currency and participating in a blockchain network.


Until you buy Target Virtual Currency, you can wait and get rewards, which is very convenient. However, be aware that cryptocurrencies run the risk of collapsing.


Use of virtual currency lending service (lending)

Virtual Currency Services (Loan) Lending is a process of borrowing the virtual currency you have.


If you use a loan, you can only make a profit by depositing your virtual currency. However, you will not be able to trade the virtual currency that you have deposited, so chances are you will miss out.



An airdrop is an event where you can get free virtual coins and tokens. Often this is done primarily to finance or promote new projects.


If you participate in AirDrop, you can get virtual currency without risk, so please participate actively.


Point site

In recent years, the number of services that can convert points accumulated on the site into virtual currency has been increasing.


Various projects are posted on the points site, so if there is anything you think you can do, let's work on it actively.


There are also point sites where you can get virtual currency just by answering questions.


It's not just about making money! What are the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is not just about making money. It can also be used as a means of asset diversification and remittance/settlement abroad. In this chapter, we will explain the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency. In particular, the following qualities may be mentioned.


You can trade at any time

The biggest advantage of investing in cryptocurrency is that you can trade at any time. Cryptocurrencies can be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anytime, anywhere, so that you can trade according to your own life.


Since stocks and forex have a limited trading time, you can trade independently of these two investments.


Easy remittance and settlement overseas

One of the virtues of virtual currency is that it is easy to send and settle abroad. If you use virtual currency, you can immediately send money abroad at any time. There are also virtual currencies that do not charge a fee.


Cryptocurrency is also an excellent means of payment. Even if you don't have a credit card, you can shop online.


Resources may vary

There is also the advantage that you can diversify your assets by investing in cryptocurrencies. The basis of the investment is asset diversification. If you focus your investment in one place, you could face huge losses if your investment goals crash.


Unlike a foreign exchange, this is a key feature that does not depend on the economic condition of a particular country.


What are the precautions when investing in cryptocurrency? Isn't it absolutely profitable?

Risks cannot be completely avoided, but they can be mitigated, not only in cryptocurrencies but also in investments. In this chapter, we will explain the things to look for when investing in cryptocurrency. Be aware of the issues that need to be explained from now on.


Invest surplus

Not limited to virtual currencies, investments are basically surplus. Be careful not to invest your living expenses even if you make a mistake.


If you invest more than your surplus, you will run out of space and you will not be able to make normal decisions. Then it will be difficult to gain.


Losing the full amount is OK, and if it increases, it is advisable to decide for yourself that you can feel lucky and invest.


Start with a small amount

If you are investing in cryptocurrency for the first time, we recommend starting small. This is to know how to invest in cryptocurrency.


To make a profit by investing in cryptocurrency, you need to understand the process of cryptocurrency transactions. If a beginner spends a lot of money, he can lose a lot of money, so beginners should start small.


Virtual currency and exchange spread

When investing in cryptocurrencies, we recommend diversifying cryptocurrencies and exchanges. Diversification of assets and investments makes it easier to gain and it also leads to risk avoidance.


If you invest in one place, you will not see it when the investment destination breaks down or goes bankrupt.


Use an exchange authorized by a financial services company

When investing in cryptocurrencies, be sure to use an exchange authorized by a financial services company.


Even transactions can be made by "deemed traders" who are not licensed by the Financial Services Agency, but the business will be suspended if there is a problem. If so, you will not be able to transact virtual currencies. So be careful.



Beware of fraud

As cryptocurrencies get more attention, fraud using them is causing a lot of damage, and the police are paying attention.


Don't go for less than your full potential.


If you have a problem or really have a problem, consult the special contact points.


Understand that there is a risk

It's not just about cryptocurrency, it's important to understand that there are risks involved in investing, of course, there are risks in cryptocurrency. The risks of virtual currency are as follows.


Risks of cryptocurrencies

      Price plunge


      The bankruptcy of the exchange


It is impossible to completely prevent these risks and get 100% profit. Let's invest with this in mind.